Community Reimagined

We pride ourselves on our community. From assisting with education and providing real-world business experience for young adults all the way through to creating high paying jobs in our community; our commitment is clear.

Working together with The O'Neil Group's portfolio of companies, customers, civic leadership, and charitable organizations is the cornerstone of our brand. Celebrating success stories makes all the difference in the world when it comes to inspiration. By taking action, The O'Neil Group brands itself as a company that brings goodwill to the community. Below is a list of highlighted success stories over the years that The O'Neil Group is proud to share.

Protecting the Arts at the Conservatory

When the Conservatory's lease was under pressure The O’Neil Group stepped in and helped them find an appropriate facility, supplemented rent, and provided maintenance support services to ensure their success as the only performing arts conservatoire in our Pikes Peak region. The O’Neil Group also contributes to Grants and Sponsorships for the communities young artists families who can’t financially afford the programs offered on their own.

VIP Sponsorship to Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo

At the beginning of the defense industry downturn, major sponsors began having issues with committing money for the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo event, a Colorado Springs tradition since 1937. The O’Neil Group and Braxton Science & Technology Group stepped in as sponsors of the VIP room, even during economic downturn to help the rodeo continue to fund their efforts towards giving money to their military charities. As a Colorado Springs based company, The O'Neil Group understood the impact these funds have on the community and supporting them was an easy decision.